Samantha Copeland: Results of Mentoring

Big Brothers Big Sisters


Over the course of my time volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters I have learned how helpful this program is to the community. When I first began volunteering here I helped aid in matches in the school based program.  I saw how excited the children were to be matched with their soon to be Big, and now, four months later, I have seen how the children in our program show improvement.  One of the Littles has even been recognized for her academic performance not once but twice since being involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

As a volunteer I have been highly interested in how mentoring can make a huge difference in a child’s life and I have conducted research to show how it really can benefit children. One article said, “Mentoring has broad appeal as a prevention strategy because of its strong link with the core of resiliency efforts. Resiliency research examines the fact that youth in potentially harmful and destructive environments can emerge as positive and productive adults due to various factors that serve to negate or reverse the impact youth in risky situations. In the case of mentoring, the resilient factor present is primarily the development and sustenance of a caring relationship between an adult and young person.”  The article that I read even mentioned Big Brothers Big Sisters, and said students involved in our program experienced a 52% absenteeism reduction.  Also, the article reads, “A 1988 study on mentoring programs in Cincinnati schools showed that young people with mentors were more likely to stay in school, attend classes, achieve and aspire to better grades, and go to college.”  Studies like these reassure the community of the benefits and improvements that come along with mentoring programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters in our community.  I have been honored to take part in this organization and I hope others can get as excited as I am about helping today’s youth to create a better tomorrow.

Resource Center State of California Drug and Alcohol Programs. (2009) “Mentoring Effectiveness Research.” Sacramento. Can be found here:[


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