March Is National Reading Awareness Month

Big Brothers Big Sisters


Did you know that according to the, only 48% of young children in the United States are read to each day? Or that “if a child is not reading at grade level by the end of the first grade, then there is an 88% probability the child will not be reading at grade level by the end of the fourth grade”? How can these problems be solved, or avoided in the first place, you may ask? Simply by reading aloud to your children for 15 minutes a day. The 15 Minute Movement was created by ReadAloud, a non-profit organization, that is committed to educating society on the importance of reading aloud to children when they are younger.

Seventh BP Image 2 3.9.15

Although all of the children involved with our program are past the age range in which reading aloud to them can make a developmental difference, we still encourage the importance of reading with children of all ages. This is why, for the rest of the month, we challenge every member of our wonderful team to spend 15 minutes a week reading to a special child in their life and sharing the fun of reading! Are you up for the challenge?

To read more about the importance of reading to young children click here . To see the PDF version of the image above click here.

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