Another BIG Thank You

Big Brothers Big Sisters

9th BP 4.7.149th BP Image 4.7.15

Another HUGE round of applause goes to the 12 WIU organizations who designed and constructed miniature golf holes for our fundraiser! The 12 AWESOME WIU organizations that participated this year were: The WIU Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), Chi Omega, Colonel Rock III (Rocky) and his Owner Joe Roselieb, WIU Paintball Club, Bay/Henn Hall Gov, WIU Resident Assistant Council (RAC), WIU Corrections Club, Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE), Theta Chi, Sigma Lambda Beta, WIU Women’s Rugby, and our event sponsor, the WIU Veterans club. Each organization did a GREAT job of designing and constructing a creative, and somewhat difficult,  miniature golf hole for the event. Clearly without their participation the event would have not been able to occur. Thank you all once again for your time and hard work, and we look forward to you joining us again next year!!

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