What’s the Buzz from this weekend?

Big Brothers Big Sisters


We stepped out of the office and had a great time with the BBBS crew in Burlington. Yesterday was definitely one for the books!

The sun was shining and BBBS crew attended a Burlington Bees game this Sunday and had a blast! Every summer the Burlington Bees show us a great time, and this year we definitely took advantage of the opportunity; 38 Bigs, Littles, parents, and grandparents came out to the game. We all got to line up with the players for the National Anthem. Little Brother Jaylen got to throw out the first pitch, Little Brother Aidan won a free haircut, the Bees played a great game (and almost won). After the game the Littles got to run the bases, meet a couple players and get autographs, and then we took a group photo. Everyone who works for the Bees treats us like royalty when we go up there, and BBBS is truly grateful. In particular, we need to thank Kim Parker, the Assistant General Manager, for showing love to BBBS at every turn and players Erick Salcedo and Trevor Gretzky for sticking around to sign every Littles souvenir and taking a photo with us. BBBS LOVES THE BEES!!! After the Bees game the Jimmy John’s in Burlington had us all over for dinner! Many thanks to the restaurant staff, and many BIG thanks to Ric Cortes (long-time friend to the program and really nice guy) for inviting us, and paying for it! BBBS LOVES JIMMY JOHN’S!

Here are some great photos from the day

bees game


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