Motivation for Learning!

Big Brothers Big Sisters


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Some kids enjoy the process of learning, while others don’t. There are activities to help improve the learning attributes of children to motivate them to want to keep trying and bettering themselves.“The best way to predict the future is to create it”, Peter Drucker. Children are the future and if we can’t teach them the right ways to do things and fill their minds with useful and informative items, we have failed. There are ways to help the learning process become a little easier. Reading is a great tool for expanding the mind. This activity is not only a good way to broaden the vocabulary, but keeps the child out of trouble. I’ve never heard anyone say reading has helped me accomplish anything, so it seems like nothing but a positive to me. Encourage the child to form his own beliefs, opinions, thoughts, and ideas. This simply shows that the child can think however they want and it’s okay to think that way. Show support with their opinions too. Support and positive encouragement is what children love. They like knowing that someone’s got their back. Enjoy the interest of the child. If they like shooting hoops, go shoot with them, if they like laying in the grass, join them. If the child is happy and is having a good time and they know you’re having fun doing what they like to do, they will start to form an even stronger bond to you which will motivate them to do their best to make you proud. Kid’s don’t really like to talk about school too much. When asked, “how was your day?”, the usual answer is “good”. Be more specific, ask what they did that day or what the highlight to their day was. Remember, kids are the future. We must teach them the correct ways to do things, and it starts with us. Always motivate with a positive attitude.

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