5 Simple Tricks to Create A Problem-Free Life

Big Brothers Big Sisters



If you look around yourself, you’ll find people struggling to get things done, achieve happiness, and build a better environment. All of us face the same kind of problems, since we belong to the same tribe, the tribe of humans. But we often forget that there are a few fundamental laws of nature that govern our life, and can simplify it, if brought into practice.

  • Focusing on complications doesn’t solve problems,
  • Sitting and crying like a child doesn’t solve problems,
  • Living with a fear of facing the odds doesn’t solve problems,
  • Pitying yourself for having a wretched life doesn’t solve problems.
  1. Give yourself advice – The trick is to imagine yourself as some other person who is stuck in the same problem as yours, give him some useful advice, and then use that advice for yourself.
  1. Walk into others shoes – Much of our life is spent in thinking about others and their views about us. Since we need to interact with people, we grow keener about how they perceive us, and it becomes major factor that affects our social reputation. But these thoughts are capable of eating out our life if overthought. The trick is to walk into others shoes, and then see yourself and your actions from their point of view.
  1. Ask the question “Now what?” – We all face some circumstances which make us feel completely paralyzed and helpless. Even if we are willing to do something about it, we fail to take control. Ask the question, “Now What?” This helps in focusing on solutions instead of problems, and is the first step towards rescuing yourself from your helplessness. This single question motivates you to take a hold of the situation, and plan the next step accordingly. The trick is to stop being stuck and helpless, and asking the question “Now what?” to keep yourself moving on.
  1. Think of life as a whole – We get so much involved in what we do, that we almost forget to live and leave ourselves somewhere behind. The little things which we do connect like a chain with each other and form our whole life. Each day we perform our different roles like a son, student, parent, worker, artist, or someone else. But we get so much trapped in these roles, that we forget above all that we are humans. Sometimes it is wise to think less about temporary things, stress less about what doesn’t matter much, and just be grateful for the precious gift of life. The trick is to not get trapped in the disorder of life, and focus on more important things.
  1. Create new ideas – You can have solutions for all the problems, but only by becoming capable of creating your own. Each problem presents an opportunity to learn something new, old yet true. Others solutions and advice might not always work for you. It’s their ways, their problems, and their solutions. You need to grow up, trust yourself, and find your own solutions. Seek solutions for all kinds of problems. Financial, educational, relational, social, and everything that’s a part of life. It makes life easier. The trick is learn and innovate new solutions, and develop a problem-solving attitude.

Remember, it’s not only you who goes through bad times or faces problems. There are several other imperfect beings trying to overcome their weaknesses and to become self-dependent. If you’re an expert at something, then use your expertise in helping some people rise. Remember that you’re born with a right to inspire. Our life becomes valuable when we add a value to others lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to help someone.



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