50+ Halloween Activities for Kids

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Here are 50+ fun-filled Halloween activities to do with your kids or your family. Many of these involves making crafts and deliciously spooky food! Take a look at many of these activities and follow the link at the bottom of the article to the website to get help in creating some of these crafts and treats!


19 Best Halloween Movies for Kids

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October is here and that generally involves spooky movies! Not all have to be R-rated and some of the best Halloween movies are family friendly. Here are 19 Halloween movies that can be enjoyed together.

50 Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

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We’ve made it to the middle of summer! We know it isn’t always easy keeping children active and entertained all day, so we have found a HUGE list of outdoor activities for you to try! It is important that children experience new things and remain active over the summer months. Try some or all of these ideas that are listed in the article!